Sahari's small items will be exhibited at the "ROKU ART EXPERIMENT"

The coaster made of Sahari Tsuzure Brocade reflects the brilliance

ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts, the first luxury hotel in the Asia-Pacific region of Hilton Hotel's top brand "LXR Hotels & Resorts," opened on September 16th last year in Takagamine, Kyoto. At the art festival "ROKU ART EXPERIMENT," held to commemorate the anniversary, Sahari's small items will be exhibited through the kimono wholesaler Daimatsu Co., Ltd.

Takagamine, where Sahari is also based, is the land where Koetsu Honami, the founder of the Rimpa school, established an art village.

"ROKU ART EXPERIMENT" is a project unique to the hotel, rooted in the history and culture of this land, and is open only to customers of ROKU KYOTO (accommodation, restaurants, spa).

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