Company Message from the President

Principle: “Continuing Our High Standards”

The Ikeguchi family has continued up to now as an unbroken line of artisans. My grandfather’s family inherits the bloodline of the Kokaji Munechika, a famous swordsmith responsible for making the National Treasure, “Mikazuki Munechika,” which has been handed down in the Tokugawa Shogun family. On the other hand, my grandmother’s family were descendants of Iseki Sorin, who was appointed as the official textile maker for the Kyoto Imperial Palace in 1571. While the textile industry as a whole is declining during this COVID-19 pandemic, many of our relatives are still active in the industry. One can call it rival competition, but I think it is very heartening and I’m deeply grateful to my ancestors.

I have been involved in the kimono industry for 25 years. What I strongly believe is that in all production stages there are artisans that take pride in their craftsmanship. Even if you can study a little in all stages of production, I believe it’s impossible to reach the level of a master craftsman in every process. From now, I believe it is not the age to mass-produce products but to further build up our high standards. Products of discerning design with discerningly selected materials made by our discerning artisans for our discerning customers. While we may be a minority in the commercial world, I want to position ourselves as such and take pride in our work and commitment.

I remember a couple who recently purchased a Sahari Tsuzure Brocade item who said “We drink wine in our living room while looking at our favorite Sahari Tsuzure Brocade obi and Lladro pieces, as parties and everything else has been canceled due to the pandemic.” Nowadays you can tell the time by your smartphone yet people still wear luxury wristwatches. I feel we should strive for the same path as luxury watches. I want to strive to make products that my ancestors can be proud of.

Tomohiro Ikeguchi
Sahari Co., Ltd.

Tomohiro Ikeguchi

Born in Kyoto in 1971 as the third son of Sadao Ikeguchi who established Sahari Tsuzure Brocade. After graduating from Doshisha University in 1994, entered Takisada Co., Ltd. to study textile design. After leaving Takisada Co., Ltd. in 1997, entered Sahari Co., Ltd. and thereafter involved with all aspects of Sahari Co., Ltd. management, from new design innovation, to domestic and international exhibition planning, production, and sales. Was awarded the 46th Award of Excellence, Person of Invention Merits by the Kyoto Prefecture in 2002. Was appointed President and second-generation family head of Sahari in 2011. In the same year, was commended as a benefactor by the Kyoto Governor at the Ceremony of Memorial Day of Opening a Government Office of Kyoto Prefecture.