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Bag and zori (sandals for kimono)

Sahari Tsuzure Brocade with a marble pattern is used for the upper side of the bag handle, both sides of the bag body, the upper side of the zori straps and heel, while genuine leather is used for the other parts.

  • Wearable Occasions: Weddings, parties, dinner etc.
  • Size: (Bag) W 24.0 cm X H 16.0 cm (excepting handle)/28.0 cm (including handle)/ Gore 10.5 cm (Zori) 23.5 cm/Hight of the heel: 5.0 cm

Long type of Rikyu bag

The Rikyu bag is a standard item well balanced to kimono style. Sahari's Rikyu bags, of which Sahari Tsuzure Brocades are used for both sides, also match well with Western clothes. Moreover, a double-sided "W fastener" is used for the opening parts of the bag which is rare for kimono bags.

  • Size: W 31.0 cm X H 13.0 cm (excepting handle)/27.0 cm (including handle)/Gore 11.0 cm

Deep type tote bag

This is not just a simple cubic bag like a regular tote bag. It is designed with detail for kimono style, especially when having many belongings. Sahari's tote bags, of which Sahari Tsuzure Brocades are used on all four sides, also match well with Western clothes.

  • Size: W 30.0 cm X H 23.0 cm (excepting handle)/38.0 cm (including handle)/Gore 14.0 cm

Hand Braided Obijime

Using threads that are used for Sahari Tsuzure Brocade 100%, Mr. Shunsaku Matsushima in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, carefully braided these one by one.

  • Artist: Mr. Shunsaku Matsushima (Iga City, Mie Prefecture)
  • Ways of braiding: Kakuyazu Inazuma, Fujiyotsu, Hiragenji, etc.
  • Size: Length 170 cm (including tassel)


It is shiny like a jewel at weddings or party venues, while in natural lighting or outdoors, it suppresses the shine and gives a calm look.

  • Design Pattern: (from left) Flower pattern with image of Italian architecture, auspicious omen motifs and design pattern with image of Japanese armor, wave pattern with mountains and sea.
  • Size: Length 140.0 cm/Width 8.0 cm (at the widest part)